It’s not only a career. It is the joy of sharing your competencies with the world

We are an energetic and ambitious team of professionals, working together to achieve our common goals. We work diligently to meet the growing demand for information solutions and technologies, and to provide prompt and competent support to our customers at times and after completing a project. We serve some of the world’s most renown brands and institutions.
Our reputation has made us a preferred partner for leading industry vendors. Joining our team, gives you the opportunity to participate in creating cutting edge solutions and bringing simplicity to complex projects.

Info Academy

If you are at the beginning of your professional development and are interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry Info Academy is the perfect opportunity for you. We offer you a knowledge hub - a month program of constant learning and development where you can learn from our trustworthy professionals, acquire new skills and expertise in certain business areas.

You can benefit from:

  • Theoretical part mentored by ones of the leading external professionals
  • Practical part mentored by the most experienced members of our team
  • Work on challenging case studies and participation in internal real business cases
  • Informal and friendly work environment
  • Job offer opportunity

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Open Positions

21 October, 2018

Java Developer

26 August, 2018

Cross-platform Mobile Developer

16 August, 2018

Business analyst