About us

Intelligent thinking about tomorrow
Infosystems is part of the Bulgarian technical market for more than 11 years.

What happened for this timespan?
We harness the power of technology to help you do great things.
We provide you with access to the latest technology through our strategic partnerships with vendors across industries.
We work with skilled professionals to offer you the expertise you need to optimise your organisation’s digital journey.

What happens next?
We continue to believe in people behind the business. Thus, when we grow, our partners grow too. Our business partnerships follow today’s meaningful communication to build and support your distinctive tomorrow.

Our team
Unique skills of our people and infectious energy help our clients focus on what matters most and build their capability and confidence to make our world a better place. Our people actively engage in every project with a collaborative style and great teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging smart, city-tailored and innovative solutions.

Our passionate, collaborative and straightforward people care about you, your team and your business as if it were their own. We work alongside our clients, building your team’s capabilities every step of the way.

It feels inspiring to work with us.

Do you feel like making the world a better place? Join the team

Flashback in history
Once upon a time… 3 developers, one excellent idea, huge dose of enthusiasm and the will to make it the right way. The year is 2007. Small and dark office, hot morning coffee with late cold dinners and our big dreams going live each and every day.

Just in few years our team growth to more than 20 members and we were delivering big projects for Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Economics, other government organizations and were building our own Smart Software solutions.

Today we have our company: specializes in design, business analysis, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems, using its experience and the latest technologies and standards in the information technology area. Our aim is to implement innovative and smart solutions for our partners while ensuring high performance and reliability of the delivered software, making their business safe, secure and sustainable.
The cоmpany was found
ISO 27001 certification
Award for Innovation from FIBank
SMS payment solutions
Automated Vehicle Location project
SMS business and marketing notifications
Founders of Cluster SOFIA - Knowledge city
Dilcom Bulgaria - 50% acquisition
Smart parking projects / line of business
AB Computers - 50% acquisition
tCAT(Air Traffic Complexity Assessment Tool) project